World Constitution and Parliament Association

The World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) is a worldwide organization working with love and dedication for planetary peace, justice, freedom, and sustainability. We are widely affiliated with human rights organizations, environmental organizations, peace organizations, and other concerned groups working for a decent future of planet Earth.

The WCPA is the organization responsible for drafting the Constitution for the Federation of Earthand for promoting its ratification by the people and nations of Earth.

We stand for worldwide environmental protection, non-violent conflict resolution, human rights protection, and the rule of just, enforceable law for all nations and peoples.


WCPA conference in 1968
WCPA conference in Interlaken, Switzerland, 1968

The WCPA was established in 1958 by Professor Philip Isely and his wife Margaret Isely of Denver Colorado, USA, to create a Constitution for a Federation of Earth and to promote democratic world government under that Constitution. They were soon joined by Dr. Terence Amerasinghe and Dr. Reinhart Ruge, who became Co-Presidents.

Since then, the organization has grown into a worldwide movement, with chapters today in many countries involving many thousands of citizens around the world.

In addition, over the years thousands of concerned world citizens have registered as delegates for Provisional World Parliaments organized by WCPA and have declared themselves as personal ratifiers of the Earth Constitution. To date, there have been 13 sessions of the World Parliament in cities around the world.


We have specific projects in a number of countries where WCPA chapters work on their preferred issues. Our global projects include the following:

WCPA conference in India(1) The Constitution — Worldwide promotion of the Earth Constitution as a subject of study, discussion, and model for emulation within educational institutions, NGOs, and public forums. Through this we promote world citizenship and the need for peoples, nations, and corporations to begin thinking globally in terms of democratic world law for the Earth, with the goal of the eventual ratification of the Constitution, bringing democratic law and environmental protection to our endangered planet.

(2) The World Parliament — The WCPA is also responsible for holding sessions of the Provisional World Parliament, and for the future convening of a Founding Ratification Convention, to obtain official ratification of this Earth Constitution under the criteria given in Article 17 of the Constitution. The 14th Session of the Parliament met in Kolkata, India, December 27-29, 2015 as part of the larger “World Thinkers Writers Peace Meet” (Dec. 27-31, 2015).

(3) World Court System — We are developing the Collegium of World Judges that is mandated in Article 9 of the Constitution, primarily through inviting retired Supreme Court Justices from various countries to participate. From the Collegium are selected justices to staff various benches of the World Court System, thereby promoting the rule of law with universal jurisdiction for the Earth. At the moment we are developing a bench of the World Court to examine the Chevron-Ecuador case that has been going on for more than 20 years.

(4) Signatories to the Earth Constitution — We invite people everwhere to become a personal ratifier of the Earth Constitution by signing our Pledge of Allegiance. As the number of signatories from all over the planet continues to grow, so does the momentum to recognize and ratify the Constitution.

(5) Membership in WCPA — People may be individual members of WCPA or be involves with WCPA chapters that exist in a number of countries. Membership is free in the poorer countries and very low cost in the wealthier countries. WCPA members often develop local projects as representatives of the Earth Constitution and its list of human rights, human equality, principles of justice, and environmental protection. Click here for membership application.