WPU curricula

The Emerging World Parliament University

Masters’ Degree in Global Issues and Planetary Solutions

The M.A. Degree in Global Issues and Planetary Solutions involves 6 modules. Each module consists of 4 courses of 3 credit hours, for a total of 12 credit hours per module. Successful completion of each course earns a certificate, completion of each module earns a “Module Diploma” for that module. Completion of the 72 credit hour program in the six modules earns an advanced MA Degree in Global Issues and Planetary Solutions from World Parliament University. 

International Law and World Legislation Module

 (four on-line courses)

  1. International Law, the UN System, and Prospects for World Law

 (this first course is now open for registration)

This seminar studies the philosophy and practice of international law and emerging world legal systems.  The course looks at the historical foundations of law and distinguishes between international law and emerging world law. The seminar examines both constitutional as well as legislative aspects in development of world law.

Instructor: Eugenia Almand, JD, MA

JD in Legislative Counsel, Institute on World Problems

MA in Computer Education, California State University, Northridge.      eugenia.almand@wcpa.org.us

  1. World Judicial System and World Court Orders
  2. Global Problems of Law and World Law Solutions
  3. The Earth Constitution and Dynamics of World Law

Environmental Sustainability Module

(four on-line courses)

  1. Causes, Conditions, and Dynamics of Climate Collapse
  2. Political and Economic Dynamics in relation to Sustainable Development
  3. Environmental Collapse and Conversion to Sustainable Development: Economic, Political, and Technological Factors
  4. Integrative Sustainability under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth (Earth Constitution)

Poverty and Prosperity Module

(four on-line courses)

  1. Defining Poverty and Prosperity: Models of Development
  2. Neoliberal Globalization: Critiques and Prospects
  3. Political Aspects of Poverty and Prosperity: Democracy, Capitalism, and Socialism
  4. Integrative Prosperity under the Earth Constitution

Population and the Carrying Capacity of the Earth Module

(four on-line courses)

  1. Theoretical Models of Planetary Carrying Capacity
  2. UN Conferences on Population Growth and Modulation
  3. Family Planning Technologies in relation to Cultural Dynamics
  4. Integrative Family Planning under the Earth Constitution

Human Rights and Responsibilities Module

(four on-line courses)

  1. History of Human Rights and Responsibilities
  2. Political Dynamics of Human Rights in the Contemporary World
  3. Theoretical Foundations of Global Citizenship and responsibility in relation to Human Rights
  4. Integrative Human Rights under the Earth Constitution

Peace, Conflict, and Disarmament Module

(four on-line courses)

  1. Historical Examination of the issues behind War and Peace with focus on the Modern World
  2. Theoretical Foundations of the Critique of War: Imperialism, Colonialism, World Systems, National Sovereignty, and Human Aggression
  3. The UN System, International law, Philosophy of Law, and the Prospects for World Law
  4. Integrative Peace and Disarmament under the Earth Constitution