November 1, 2018
Category: About ECI

As part of its mission, the Earth Constitution Institute offers not-for-credit, non-degree, avocational courses in global issues, global solutions, international law and world legislation, peace studies and environmental sustainability.

Earth Constitution Institute offers extension avocational courses for subscribers from the general public, and regular avocational courses for those who affirm the principle of constitutional limits in self-government by ratification of the Earth Constitution.

Cooperative world districts and world legislation require successful completion or continuing education with a student record of regular avocational courses with the Earth Constitution Institute for participation in an elected or employed official civil service capacity within cooperative world districts.

The Earth Constitution Institute (ECI) is a non-profit US federally approved 501c3 educational association. We work in cooperation with the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA), which is also a non-profit educational organization. Our goal is to educate knowledgeable, morally responsible, global citizens with the vision and energy to build a decent world for all humanity, in particular, by preparation to work within cooperative world districts as defined by the Earth Constitution, the World District Standards, and other world legislation of the Provisional World Parliament.

Outside of the United States, affiliate organizations may also provide courses for preparation to work within the cooperative world districts. 


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