Earth Constitution

One sense of the word constitution is a set of fundamental laws and principles of a government. We ask that people dialogue together to draw a social contract, a manner of civil self-government. The Earth Constitution is a written document for the establishment and operation of a democratic and non-military world federal republic for such civil self-government.

In the years between 1958 and 1991, there was a movement of many people from around the world who came together to draft, deliberate and adopt a Constitution for the Federation of Earth. These people held preparatory congresses, and drafting committee sessions and four World Constituent Assemblies at which the Earth Constitution was debated line by line and adopted.

Salient Features of the Earth Constitution

The Earth Constitution provides for a strong, democratic, parliamentary and non-military world federation capable of preventing war, protecting universal human rights, ending poverty, regulating international processes, protecting the biosphere and solving world problems that are beyond the capacity of nations.

Fundamental Rules

A basic idea is that from a state of freedom democratically adopting a nested set of written rules for civil conduct, much of human conflict and strife can be avoided.

At the foremost tier, a relatively brief Earth Constitution (translatable into any human language) which is legible by any literate person within an hour or a very few hours can define the primary rules by which we can create basic behavioral rules that would be logical and rational for any human being. With people in agreement to a brief rulebook that defines the process for further legitimate democratic regulation of human behavior, then in accordance with provisions of that Earth Constitution, ordinary people can coordinate to establish a legitimate, democratic law-making body for the elaboration of more precisely defined regulation for human behavior: a world parliament or world congress, that is, a legislature. The Constitution has definition for the checks and balances of a separation of powers, only at a worldwide level, such that international crime rings and rampant continental federations undergo a reigning in.

Branches of Constitutional Government

World Parliament composes of three houses: a House of Peoples (directly elected), a House of Nations (with all nations represented), and a House of Counsellors. The Houses of World Parliament deliberate and enact world legislation in conformance with the Earth Constitution.

A World Judiciary, a non-military Enforcement System and a public defender World Ombudsmus branch each have mandatory jurisdiction. A Bill of Rights guarantees inalienable human rights, including those customarily guaranteed by civil nations. Directive principles list additional rights. Earth Federation guarantees full faith and credit to public acts, records, legislation, judicial proceedings and other internal affairs of member nations. The Earth Federation implements in stages, including provisional stage of Earth Federation, before 25 nations or 100 world districts have ratified; a first operative stage, after 25 nations or 100 world districts have ratified; a second operative stage, when half the nations and world districts have ratified; and a full operative stage after 80% of nations and 90% of world districts have ratified. Earth Federation integrates viable United Nations agencies. There is process for constitutional amendments.

Summary of the Earth Constitution

1. Broad functions of Earth Federation are the following: prevent war; protect universal human rights; end poverty; regulate international processes; protect the biosphere; & solve world problems that are beyond the capacity of nations.

2. Basic structure of Earth Federation is the following:

2.1. People and nations organize as a universal federation, to include all people, and all nations 2.2. Earth Federation is non-military and democratic, with ultimate sovereignty of the people of Earth. 2.3. Powers of Earth Federation apply to problems that transcend national boundaries. 2.4. For world elections and administration, Earth is united into 1000 World Districts total, within +/-10% limits equal in population, of 20 World Regions, combining to 10 Magna-Regions in 5 Continental Divisions.

3. Organs of the Earth Federation are these: World Parliament; World Executive; World Administration; Integrative Complex; 3.5. World Judiciary; Enforcement System; & World Ombudsmus.

4. Earth Constitution grants the power to use world legislation, administration, education, finance, civil police enforcement system, world court system, & Ombudsmus public defense to ensure effective enforcement of world law.

5. People of Earth may launch initiatives for world legislation, and may vote on referendums submitted from World Parliament. World Parliament composes of three legislative houses, to consider, adopt, amend and repeal World Legislation.

* People of Earth directly elect House of Peoples.

* Nations appoint or elect House of Nations.

* University students and faculty nominate candidates for House of Counsellors.

6. World Parliament elects and supervises a World Executive. The World Executive must neither veto nor suspend the World Parliament nor the Earth Constitution. The World Executive has no military power.

7. The 30 Cabinet Ministers and Vice Presidents head the World Administration, of about 30 ministries. Cabinet elects Secretary General to coordinate ministries.

8. Broad functions that naturally duplicate within each ministry integrate in the seven functional agencies of the Integrative Complex.

9. Benches form a World Judiciary, including World Supreme Court, Regional World Courts and District World Courts, having mandatory jurisdiction: Human Rights, Criminal Cases, Civil Cases, Constitutional Cases, International Conflicts, Public Cases, Appellate Bench, Advisory Bench, and Superior Tribunal.

10. The Enforcement System – World Parliament elects an Office of World Attorneys General to head civil Enforcement System. World Police apprehend individual suspected lawbreakers. World Parliament regulates World Police, which shall follow due process, and obtain warrants for search & arrests.

11. World Parliament elects a World Ombudsmus Council & Commission of World Advocates to protect human rights & ensure proper government functioning.

12. Bill of Rights guarantees inalienable human rights, including all those customarily guaranteed by civil nations: equal rights, equal protection, freedom of expression, association & religion, habeas corpus rights, universal suffrage, property, privacy, & other prohibitions against government intrusions.

13. Directive Principles list additional civil rights and benefits for all people.

14.1. Earth Federation guarantees full faith and credit to public acts, records, legislation, judicial proceedings and other internal affairs of member nations;

14.2. Member nations & the people of Earth reserve non-delegated powers.

15. World Parliament establishes world capitals in 5 Continental Divisions. World Parliament establishes 20 World Federal Zones in 20 World Regions.

16.1. The people of Earth have ownership and Earth Federation has jurisdiction of oceans, sea beds, vital straits, Moon & the atmosphere.

16.2. Earth Federation shall establish peaceful external relations. Presidium negotiates external relations & treaties, subject to approval by World Parliament.

17. Earth Constitution implements by stages:

Provisional Earth Federation, before 25 countries or before World Districts including 10% of world population have ratified.

First Operative Stage, when 25 countries or World Districts including 10% of world population have ratified, or equivalent mix.

Second Operative Stage, when 50% of countries and World Districts including 50% of world population have ratified, or equivalent mix.

Full Operative Stage, when 80% of countries, comprising 90% of world population, have ratified.

18. People may initiate amendment procedures to the Earth Constitution. World Constitutional Convention shall convene not less that every 20 years.

19. Provisional World Parliament may adopt world legislation prior to first operative stage, subject to re-confirmation by World Parliament. Viable agencies of the United Nations Organization integrate into the Earth Federation.

Earth Constitution Full Text

Systemic Aspects: Freedom and Justice System


  • I believe self awareness and global awareness are key to developing consciousness about our place in the world.

    I think it is important to dialogue about our sovereignty, how we qualify our behavior, and what we can do to support each other so we can make the world a better place.

    I think everyone should read this document. The Earth Constitution speaks to protection of our home, Planet Earth, facilitating solutions beyond the scope of nations, universal human rights and inalienable rights guaranteed in the bill of rights.

    Therefore everyone can benefit from reading the Earth Constitution.